Marriage Mentor Request

Mentoring Purpose and Expectations


The purpose of the Marriage Mentoring Ministry is to help couples mature in their individual walks with God and grow in their oneness with each other.  Marriage Mentors at RMC are not trained counselors but have experienced many blessings and challenges through their years of marriage.  They provide personalized support and encouragement to help another couple understand God’s design for marriage and how that design can be lived out in daily life.


To experience the benefits of the RMC Marriage Mentoring Ministry, mentors will be expected to follow certain guidelines.  A mentor couple is expected to:

  • Meet with the mentee couple at least two times per month.
  • Maintain a healthy devotional life including regular prayer, personal Bible study and personal worship.
  • Maintain fellowship with other mentor couples by attending quarterly meetings and small group meetings.
  • Commit to one year of continuous service as a marriage mentor.
  • Commit to completing a short marriage mentor training program.

Getting Started

If you would like to mentor another couple, please provide your information below.  (Copies of this form are also available at the Information Center and can be filled out and given to the staff there.)

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